Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Fab Five

My favorites for this week:

1. Strawberry picking with friends. the kids had a blast and ate about as many as they put in the box. Looking forward to strawberry shortcake tonight!

2. Tot lot opened!!!! the kids are SOOOOOOO excited to be able to go down to the park and play with neighborhood kids. Moving here in December didn't give them much time to meet the neighborhood kids, but they are making up for it now! they also like playing organized games and making crafts! I love that they are busy, happy, and I can gt some things done arounf the house!
3. Getting rid of "stuff." A friend came over yesterday and we spent some time in the afternoon purging toys and shoes. Still a long way from decluttered, but every little bit helps!

4. Metro Parent. I found this publication while downriver for the kids dentist appointment this week. Love that it has soo many great ideas for things to do this summer. Can't wait to take ALL the ideas I circled and get them on the calendar! Which leads me to......

5. This AWESOME Summer To-Do List. I cannot wait to complete this project this weekend! I found this at

So that's it. My plan is to blog more this summer! Thanks for reading!

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