Thursday, April 30, 2009

When in doubt, DANCE!

So I sat through a 90 minute meeting debating the pros and cons of competitive vs performance team for the fall. Is Monster Girl ready? Can she really handle the extra classes? Does she even pay attention now? Can she possibly learn a dance in two hours? Does she even want to?

With all those questions in mind, I came home and did something I don't so often enough....I asked her. Do you want to take harder dance classes? Do you want to take more classes? Will you practice and learn your dance? After very impatiently and dramatically (would we have it any other way)answering all these questions, she jumped up and began doing her current routine. The routine that I sat and watched her NOT DO at class yesterday. The routine that I watched and thought to myself...there is NO way she is ready for more. Yep...that's the one...the oe she just did move for move and right on. Brat! So I decided to challenge her a little bit. "How about your box step? Can you do that?" At this point the drama has come out in full force. The eyes are rolling, the heads cocked to the side and in the most snotty,know-it-all voice I heard, "Do you mean my jazz square (apparently I don't know dance terms and I'm being called out on it by a 5 year old!)? Duh!" And she proceeds to do a perfect jazz square......So the auditions are in a few weeks......I guess we'll let the judges decide!

Will I ever learn to do hair?????

So Monster Girl decided today that she wanted braids on both sides of her head. Her hair isn't really long enough to pull up and still have enough to I attempted a french braid......with attempted being the operative word. Apparently I braid upside down, so the braid sits above the hair, instead of under. And I don't have the patience( or the actual ability) to grab EVEN amounts of hair from each side. And so, poor Monster Girl went to school with this hair. If anyone wants to give me lessons, I'm in!!!

Out of the mouths of babes.......

This was sent to me by the media specialist at my school.....apparently this was a first grader.

What would you do?
I was working with a very young child this week, teaching him something about a computer program. He was so amazed at the “magic” that I could perform on the computer! Apparently, I showed him something that just blew his mind, because in the most serious, innocent way, he said to me,
“ FO’ REAL BITCH?” No disrespect intended. Now, I’ve gotten many unusual responses from kids in my 15 years, but that’s one for the books!

Only at Lincoln!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 things about me

1. My favorite color is RED.
2. I love Pepsi way more than I should.
3. I grew up with 2 sisters
4. and now have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
5. I talk to my mom on a daily basis.
6. I am a total slob.
7. I love to read.
8. I loved high school
9. although looking back I have no idea why!
10. I have a friend that I have only known 9 days in person.
11. I bite my nails
12. and wish I didn't.
13. I hate working out.
14. I was married at 23
15. but don't think I really wanted to be.
16. I always thought I wanted to have all boys.
17. I have a beautiful daughter.
18. I love going to her dance classes.
19. And listening to her read.
20. 99% of my friends are a result of my kids activities.
21. I really wanted my second child to be a girl too!
22. But I am so excited to have my crazy son!
23. I really thought I would finish college.
24. I wish I would have traveled the world
25. or at least the United States.
26. I've gained 100 pounds since high school graduation.
27. I wish I could cook.
28. I don't enjoy vegetables.
29. I take a ton of pictures.
30. I have HUGE scrapbooks of my kids first 2 years.
31. I always said I wouldn't stop scrapping...
32. Apparently...I lied!
33. Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author.
34. I own every one of her books..
35. and have read them all multiple times.
36. I used to work in a corn field in the summers.
37. And met some really great friends there.
38. My dog Mason used to sit outside my door while I was gone.
39. When I was pregnant, Mason ran away.
40. I thought he was gone forever....
41. But he came home after I had Delaney.
42. Only to run away again 3 days later!!
43. I want to name my next son Mason Jeremiah
44. or Spencer William.
45. I really want more kids.
46. I wish my divorce would be final.
47. I was on the yearbook staff in high school.
48. I don;t think any other yearbooks are as good as mine were!
49. I was voted class flirt.
50. I took a train to Chicago
51. and spent some quality time with my girl!
52. I love girls dresses with matching doll dresses.
53. I enjoy dressing my kids in coordinating outfits.
54. I very rarely miss Wheel of Fortune.
55. I've been addicted to General Hospital since my senior year.
56. I drive a minivan.
57. I love being a soccer mom
58. and a dance mom.
59. I've always wanted to be a teacher.
60. but have settled with being an assistant.
61. Mexican food is my all time favorite.
62. I try to be early to everything I do.
63. Except getting my kids up and moving in the morning.
64. I used to be a morning person
65. and now I'm a night owl.
66. I rear ended another car while attempting to tie my shoe.
67. I broke my ankle walking down the hall.
68. I've tried to google friends from elementary school.
69. I get incredibly claustophobic
70. and have an irrarional fear of falling through the floor
71. I love teeny bopper dance movies
72. I cry while reading.
73. I try to be a good friend.
74. I danced to I'm too sexy/low at a dance recital
75. at 28 years of age
76. dressed up like a nerd!
77. I love Jesus.
78. and will go to heaven someday.
79. because he died for my sins.
80. I like to buy things for people.
81. I don't enjoy mowing the grass.
82. Or any yard work for that matter.
83. I want to go camping.
84. Every year, in the same place.
85. I love routines and rituals.
86. I have mastered cooking 3 casseroles.
87. I make them for every family function.
88. I love to be on the water.
89. But I don't enjoy being IN the water.
90. I am very insecure.
91. I would love to be a photographer.
92. I wish I could get a makover
93. and lose 100 pounds
94. but not necessarily in that order.
95. If I won the lotto, I would hire a cleaning person
96. and a yard person
97. and a personal trainor/cook.
98. I would love to live far away.
99. My ears were pierced at age 5
100. and I very rarely wear earrings!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Running in opposite directions....typical!

Soccer season has begun and we are three games into a ten game season...and the monsters are certainly keeping me entertained. Monster girl has not changed her game plan too much from last season. Her strategy is to always be on the opposite end of the field from the ball. So while three players are running up field for the ball, monster girl is running equally hard in the opposite direction. And if by some chance the ball does make it's way to her legs, she immediately backs up allowing everyone else a chance to kick it. So sweet and helpful!!! And then there's the monster boy! He definitely showed his aggressive side this last game. Running for the ball, always on the lookout for when the action would head his way.....he has finally figured out the objective of the game and in the final seconds of a very exciting 30 minute game..........he kicked and ........he scored!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I made dinner....

Well, I attempted a new recipe and the kids ate all of it....which puts me at 1 for 2 with the kids. I made lime chicken that I found on a weight watchers section of a website. Honey mustard, soy sauce, lime, and garlic made for an amazing sauce that monster girl said was a bit too sour. Apparently, I need a lesson in how to use my broiler though, because both sides of my chicken were slightly charred and I attempted to pull out the burner instead of the pan of chicken......this burned a hole into my oven mitt, seared my thumb, and when I yanked my hand back, I saw flames that I immediately threw across the kitchen. Luckily the floor extinguised the flames, I waved off the smoke detector, and dinner went off without another mishap. But hey, I made dinner!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Drugs, Drama, and Delaney

85 degrees!! Finally! It was an absolutely beautiful day and I spent most of feeling incredibly dizzy and light headed. The vicodin doesn;t do much for the pain, but it certainly makes me feel WAY loopy! I did manage to drag my sore body out to the front porch, so I could watch monster boy ride his bike and listen to monster girl cry about how nobody wants to play with her. Does the drama really start this early? I don't ever remember being so dramatic.....when I wanted to play, I went out and played. If you didn't want to play with me...oh well, your loss. I was still going to play. But not monster girl. She cries and pouts and stomps and yells. And if you ignore out.....she's just going to get louder. And so for now...the drama continues.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mindless mumblings...

Well...I've done it! I've always wanted to blog and share the crazy thoughts in my head with anyone who wanted to hear them. So here you go......the first of many mindless mumblings from a monster mama!!
I had my gallbladder out yesterday and I really thought I was going to walk out of the hospital and go about my daily business of taking care of monster girl and monster boy. Ummmmmm....not quite. Instead, I barely managed to stand upright on the front porch before hurling the entire contents of my liquid diet all over the garbage can. Once inside, I crashed on my bed where I was unable to roll over to grab the phone to call for help. I laid there for a couple of hours before my own mom came and helped me. I stayed the night at her house (and yes I blessed her house with the remaining contents of my liquid diet!) I woke up feeling better this morning, but still very sore. Lessons learned: 1) Surgery is surgery and you must take time to recover 2)Don't take your stomach muscles for granted~they are used in everything you do 3) stay away from anyone who makes you laugh
So that's first blog post....lucky you!