Sunday, May 8, 2011

How come no one ever told me?

That motherhood would be sooooo exhausting. Mentally, physically, spiritually, utterly exhausting. Sure, they tell you about the sleepless nights, and the worrying.

But they somehow forget to mention, the minute by minute, nonstop going all day. From the repeated wake ups,
"Yes you have to wake up today. Yes, you have to get out of bed. Yes you have to get up right NOW," to the arguing over clothes,
"No you can't wear shorts, its 21 degrees outside, no you can't wear brown dress shoes with black running pants, just because I bought the sweatshirt from the boys department does NOT mean it's a boy's shirt....just put it on NOW!"

Then the lunch box arguments, "oreos are not a fruit, pick a fruit!"
and the "I brushed my hair yesterday, I hate this toothpaste, why is he looking at me in the mirror like that" whining.

And that is just the first 30 minutes of the day.

From there we argue about who's turn it is to sit in the blue booster, and who has to shut the car door. Until we get to the drivethru (yes, we hit the drive thru), and when asked what they want, they respond, "I already told you." SERIOUSLY????? Obviously if I heard you, I would NOT be asking! AAAGGGGHHHH!

Only to pull up at the bus stop and hear, "Mom...where's my backpack?"'s not mine. I have my bags. He has his bag. Where is yours???
"I thought you would get it, mom"

Fast forward to seven hours later, and the drama starts right where it left off.

"I forgot my homework"
"I don't want to sit there while she dances"
"I hate his soccer practices"
"I don't like rice, can't I just eat bologna"
"I'm not hungry, I only want a snack"
" My seatbelt is stuck"
"I can't walk"
"my foot is stuck in the door"
"I'm not tired"


"Why are you yelling, mom?"

How come no one ever tells you this stuff?

Because there are some moments that make you love these little monsters. Handfuls of dandelions, presented like a priceless bouquet. Fingerprints and poems, telling you how "speshal" you are. Magnetic necklaces, that when placed just so, make a beautiful heart proclaiming for the world that you are mother and daughter. There are dance competitions and soccer games, where they work so hard and are so proud of themselves, you can't help but be proud of them as well!

And so, in those moments, you forget about the craziness, the whining. You forget just how tired you are, and remember,

"I'm their mom."

And that's the most rewarding job there could ever be!
And makes you appreciate your own mom that much more!

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