Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 things about me

1. My favorite color is RED.
2. I love Pepsi way more than I should.
3. I grew up with 2 sisters
4. and now have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
5. I talk to my mom on a daily basis.
6. I am a total slob.
7. I love to read.
8. I loved high school
9. although looking back I have no idea why!
10. I have a friend that I have only known 9 days in person.
11. I bite my nails
12. and wish I didn't.
13. I hate working out.
14. I was married at 23
15. but don't think I really wanted to be.
16. I always thought I wanted to have all boys.
17. I have a beautiful daughter.
18. I love going to her dance classes.
19. And listening to her read.
20. 99% of my friends are a result of my kids activities.
21. I really wanted my second child to be a girl too!
22. But I am so excited to have my crazy son!
23. I really thought I would finish college.
24. I wish I would have traveled the world
25. or at least the United States.
26. I've gained 100 pounds since high school graduation.
27. I wish I could cook.
28. I don't enjoy vegetables.
29. I take a ton of pictures.
30. I have HUGE scrapbooks of my kids first 2 years.
31. I always said I wouldn't stop scrapping...
32. Apparently...I lied!
33. Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author.
34. I own every one of her books..
35. and have read them all multiple times.
36. I used to work in a corn field in the summers.
37. And met some really great friends there.
38. My dog Mason used to sit outside my door while I was gone.
39. When I was pregnant, Mason ran away.
40. I thought he was gone forever....
41. But he came home after I had Delaney.
42. Only to run away again 3 days later!!
43. I want to name my next son Mason Jeremiah
44. or Spencer William.
45. I really want more kids.
46. I wish my divorce would be final.
47. I was on the yearbook staff in high school.
48. I don;t think any other yearbooks are as good as mine were!
49. I was voted class flirt.
50. I took a train to Chicago
51. and spent some quality time with my girl!
52. I love girls dresses with matching doll dresses.
53. I enjoy dressing my kids in coordinating outfits.
54. I very rarely miss Wheel of Fortune.
55. I've been addicted to General Hospital since my senior year.
56. I drive a minivan.
57. I love being a soccer mom
58. and a dance mom.
59. I've always wanted to be a teacher.
60. but have settled with being an assistant.
61. Mexican food is my all time favorite.
62. I try to be early to everything I do.
63. Except getting my kids up and moving in the morning.
64. I used to be a morning person
65. and now I'm a night owl.
66. I rear ended another car while attempting to tie my shoe.
67. I broke my ankle walking down the hall.
68. I've tried to google friends from elementary school.
69. I get incredibly claustophobic
70. and have an irrarional fear of falling through the floor
71. I love teeny bopper dance movies
72. I cry while reading.
73. I try to be a good friend.
74. I danced to I'm too sexy/low at a dance recital
75. at 28 years of age
76. dressed up like a nerd!
77. I love Jesus.
78. and will go to heaven someday.
79. because he died for my sins.
80. I like to buy things for people.
81. I don't enjoy mowing the grass.
82. Or any yard work for that matter.
83. I want to go camping.
84. Every year, in the same place.
85. I love routines and rituals.
86. I have mastered cooking 3 casseroles.
87. I make them for every family function.
88. I love to be on the water.
89. But I don't enjoy being IN the water.
90. I am very insecure.
91. I would love to be a photographer.
92. I wish I could get a makover
93. and lose 100 pounds
94. but not necessarily in that order.
95. If I won the lotto, I would hire a cleaning person
96. and a yard person
97. and a personal trainor/cook.
98. I would love to live far away.
99. My ears were pierced at age 5
100. and I very rarely wear earrings!

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