Thursday, April 30, 2009

When in doubt, DANCE!

So I sat through a 90 minute meeting debating the pros and cons of competitive vs performance team for the fall. Is Monster Girl ready? Can she really handle the extra classes? Does she even pay attention now? Can she possibly learn a dance in two hours? Does she even want to?

With all those questions in mind, I came home and did something I don't so often enough....I asked her. Do you want to take harder dance classes? Do you want to take more classes? Will you practice and learn your dance? After very impatiently and dramatically (would we have it any other way)answering all these questions, she jumped up and began doing her current routine. The routine that I sat and watched her NOT DO at class yesterday. The routine that I watched and thought to myself...there is NO way she is ready for more. Yep...that's the one...the oe she just did move for move and right on. Brat! So I decided to challenge her a little bit. "How about your box step? Can you do that?" At this point the drama has come out in full force. The eyes are rolling, the heads cocked to the side and in the most snotty,know-it-all voice I heard, "Do you mean my jazz square (apparently I don't know dance terms and I'm being called out on it by a 5 year old!)? Duh!" And she proceeds to do a perfect jazz square......So the auditions are in a few weeks......I guess we'll let the judges decide!

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