Friday, April 24, 2009

Drugs, Drama, and Delaney

85 degrees!! Finally! It was an absolutely beautiful day and I spent most of feeling incredibly dizzy and light headed. The vicodin doesn;t do much for the pain, but it certainly makes me feel WAY loopy! I did manage to drag my sore body out to the front porch, so I could watch monster boy ride his bike and listen to monster girl cry about how nobody wants to play with her. Does the drama really start this early? I don't ever remember being so dramatic.....when I wanted to play, I went out and played. If you didn't want to play with me...oh well, your loss. I was still going to play. But not monster girl. She cries and pouts and stomps and yells. And if you ignore out.....she's just going to get louder. And so for now...the drama continues.

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