Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I made dinner....

Well, I attempted a new recipe and the kids ate all of it....which puts me at 1 for 2 with the kids. I made lime chicken that I found on a weight watchers section of a website. Honey mustard, soy sauce, lime, and garlic made for an amazing sauce that monster girl said was a bit too sour. Apparently, I need a lesson in how to use my broiler though, because both sides of my chicken were slightly charred and I attempted to pull out the burner instead of the pan of chicken......this burned a hole into my oven mitt, seared my thumb, and when I yanked my hand back, I saw flames that I immediately threw across the kitchen. Luckily the floor extinguised the flames, I waved off the smoke detector, and dinner went off without another mishap. But hey, I made dinner!

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